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Linking artists with Regenerative Farmers – Creating a better future

Artists to work with a regenerative farmers situated between the Murray and the Murrumbidgee rivers in southern NSW. The aim is share the vision of creativity of the farmer and his working palate in the landscape with the artist’s impression of the landscape.

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Open Days

It is anticipated local food will be available to purchase at a long table to encourage discussion. The Earth Canvas team will work with each Regen Farmer and Artist group to individualize each field day.

Art Workshops

I anticipate getting a regional working group (3 people) together early in the new year to move forward.

Writers Festival - Writers at the Woolshed

Festival for Writers & Readers

Be inspired by the Murray Valley landscape and ecosystems working on Bibbaringa by enjoying a weekend of author presentations and a day of specialised workshops with world renowned writers.

Earth Canvas Artists

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Timeline for Writers Festival 4th & 5th April 2020


Writers at the Woolshed is a festival and aims to bring writers and readers together to experience an ecological cattle farm on the Southwest Slopes of Southern NSW. There they will be inspired by the Murray Valley Landscape and ecosystems working on Bibbaringa while enjoying presentations by authors whose books are known around the world.

Writers in Conversation:

From 9:30am on Saturday 4th April, writers including Kim Mahood, Patti Miller, Karen Viggers, Amanda Webster and Richard Anderson will be in conversation with Margaret Hickey to talk about their latest book including how each author draws from the landscape in their writing. Additionally, emerging writers Lynette Ainsworth, Teresa Benetos and Michelle Tom will be in a panel conversation with Amanda Webster talking about how they came to writing. At the end of each conversation the audience will have the opportunity to ask questions and the authors will be available for book signings. The day will conclude at 4:30pm.

Paddock to Plate Dinner:

Following Writers in Conversation, from 6:00pm diners will have the opportunity to sample local produce while being entertained by our guest speaker, writer and photographer, Alison Pouliot as she takes us on a journey deep into the world of Fungi.

Drawing from the Landscape:

Commencing at 10:00am on Sunday 5th April, writers Kim Mahood, Patti Miller, Alison Pouliot, Karen Viggers, Amanda Webster and Richard Anderson will each conduct a workshop at a selected location on Bibbaringa.  During the workshops participants will be encouraged to draw from the landscape in their writing and to share their experience of the landscape with other members of their group.  Workshops will conclude at 2:00pm.